Jan Scholtmeijer

We took part to the demonstration days last weekend and are really impressed by the result. The brush is light in weight and easy to use.
Brushing ur dog, that has a very think fur, will surely take less time. Moreover the hair and dirt will directly be aspirated into the hover.

Mila leeuwerik

Wat an invention! This is exceptional in Labradoodle-land! The DP auto Dog Brush does what it promises and is too good to be true. Our Dott will have to get acquainted to it at first, but we believe he will. We made an order and we hope to be able to automatically brush our own dog soon.

Patricia Goossens

A super handy tool. At first I had to get acquainted to the brush’s movement. You have to gain dexterity first. I truly believe this device will save a lot of time.
Top creation.

Anne-Floor van Kleef

During the demonstration we had been brushing for 5 minutes, and she was almost completely combed, without any effort. It really was amazing! We are so excited such a brush exists.


Last weekend I was at the demo of the device, of which I can clearly state my opinion. SUPER. I immediately ordered one and I can’t wait for it to be delivered. With two labradoodles, this will absolutely make a difference in brushing time. Even the worst tangles can be easily taken care of. Besides, it is a pleasant experience also for the dog.

Ed Huegen

We went to the demonstration day and we were amazed by this automatic brush. What an ease! Everything of this brush is simple: the brushing, the opening of the brush, the cleaning of its parts and losing it up again. EVEN I WAS ABLE TO DO IT! We are totally converted to it!

Annahoeve Venlo

I tried it too, on a dog with severe tangles in his fur. I was surprised how easy it went and I ordered one. I really have to try it!

Frank van Schaik

I had the chance to try the brush during the demo day and there is where I learned how to use it. Our dog has real Rasta curls with loads of tangles. This is why he hardly lets us brush him, not a pleasant experience. This brush convinced that it is possible to brush him, with hardly any effort and not dreadful for him either. It is nice to be able to easily and thoroughly take care of him. Another pro is that the hair and dirt is immediately aspirated. He will have to get acquainted to it, but that will be a normal process. I first had to see to believe, but I am now convinced of its functionality and success.

Petra van den Boomen

We tested the brush on our own dog too, and it is a delight to have had the chance to experience how well this device works. And even nicer to see how visibly our dog enjoyed it, he was leaning onto it, whereas brushing normally is a hell for him. He presented himself to be brushed. And now he can be completely brushed in 30 to 35 minutes. Normally this would take 1 day, a big dog of 23 kilos. In short: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Katy de Jonge

I had the chance to try the brush and see it in action. I am convinced! The tangles in my dogs’ fur disappeared effortless and the dogs didn’t find it dreadful. It is nice that hair, sand and dirt are immediately aspirated. The brush is easy to be opened up for cleaning. In my opinion, highly recommended!


With a Doodle with long fur that enormously tangles, I took the challenge.
Really, the brush keeps all its promises. Even the worst tangles were removed almost effortlessly and you saw the dull felt disappearing to a new shiny fur.
And the nicest thing is: no discomfort for the dog. It is kind of a massage for the dog and he visibly enjoys it despite the tangles.
You have to get used to the brush, as it does all the work and you have to experience it at first. Once you get how it is done, it will be even addictive.
Now just wait for my own brush to arrive, I am looking forward to it.


What an amazing creation, the brush goes easily through the fur and isn’t heavy. My dog Dana even liked it and lied on the floor wagging during the brushing.


I took part to the demonstration of the brush and I was a bit sceptical. Till I saw two totally felted Doodles. I watched and I was surprised to see how calm the Doodles stayed during the unpleasant task.
One of the doodles stayed really quiet and you could see the dull fur disappear and leave place to shiny hair.
The other doodle was a bit stressed out but even so we could see her fur turning shiny. As this dog was too stressed they left her alone for a while.
You probably can understand that when I tried it on our Tommy I was like “OH MY GOD, I MUST HAVE IT”.
I realised it is a totally different way of brushing, but I will get used to it.
And what I also consider relevant is that with my arthrosis, this is going to be a lot easier. The sound that you hear is the noise of your hover. And slightly that of the brush.
If you try this out on your arm you will notice that the skin isn’t touched. I was even able to untangle Tommy’s underarms.
Once again, Tommy is a real … boy, doesn’t like anything, but to this he was like “ mmmmh, this feels good, let me get comfortable”.
And this is also the reason why I thought this is relaxing for dog and owner. That is not marginal. Thank you Hans en Nanja de Koning, I stare my eyes out to your amazing invention and I look forward to use it at home.

Anita van de Laak

This really is the invention of the century for brushing your Labradoodle. Our Doodle Ted really doesn’t like being brushed, and it always gets crazy to do. Mainly because he finds it really unpleasant and it takes so long. With this brush it will be a lot nicer for him and thus, for us too. After the demonstration day we were fully converted and then, last week I ordered it. I can’t wait to receive it!